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Spread of COVID-19 in Singapore across time, May 2021

Project description

This visualisation shows the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore across time. The data is filtered to show only data in May 2021, as the dataset used is more promptly updated during this period due to the rise in community cases. The range of data used can however be easily changed and will be reflected by the visualisation in real-time.

Data preparation

This project uses the Public Places Visited by Singapore Covid-19 Cases dataset by Hui Xiang Chua. The list includes public places COVID-19 cases had visited for more than 30 minutes, released by the Ministry of Health Singapore beginning 25 May 2020.

While building my portfolio site, I thought it would be good to feature my Medium articles on it. I envisioned the article links to appear as snippets that look like actual Medium article links. I also wanted the component to auto-update so I don’t have to manually edit the site every time I publish a new article.

Medium articles component

How it works

Step 1: Retrieving article data

The Medium API is not intended for post retrieval, so I had to retrieve the RSS feed via a GET request to and then convert it to JSON format using existing JavaScript libraries. …

Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown period, my sister and I created a circuit breaker personality quiz to spread some joy and fun. It’s truly in the Singapore spirit — you’ll see Singlish terms scattered throughout the quiz.

Try it out here!

A personality quiz about attitudes and feelings about the Circuit Breaker.

How it works

This application retrieves responses from users and stores the results in Google Sheets.

There are two parts to this application:

  1. Frontend (website) built using Vue.js, to collect data from users and send them to the API created at backend
  2. Backend built using Flask, to receive data from the frontend and send them to Google Sheets using Google Sheets API


Hui Shun Chua

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